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About Mildura RSL

About Mildura RSL

About Mildura RSL

The Mildura RSL Sub Branch Inc. is a first class facility which has won many prestige’s awards for excellence in service, facilities and community support.

The Mildura RSL Sub Branch Inc. understands the significance of its presence in the community and recognises its role in the education of the public in particular young people, on the sacrifices that have been endured on their behalf and the significance of days of remembrance.

All of these things aim to promote a living community spirit and uphold the values of respect for each other and support of your mates.

The Mildura RSL provides significant services and financial support to the
ex-service community and many other community organisations.

Mildura RSL’s Mission
The mission of the RSL is to support the well being and betterment of our members - serving and ex-serving men and women of the ADF, our Allies and their families - with the provision of welfare and commemorative services and, where appropriate, contribute to worthy needs within the broader community.

RSL History
The Returned and Services League with some 1500 Sub Branches Australia wide and with a membership of 240,000 is the largest service association in Australia.

The RSL came into existence at a conference in Melbourne on June 6, 1916. The formation of the League was preceded by the development of the Returned Soldiers’ Association.

The Returned Soldiers’ Association had sprung up in 1915 out of the Returned Soldiers’ Clubrooms which provided a gathering place for invalids from New Guinea and later, Egypt and Gallipoli. Naturally the clubs became a gathering place for returned men.

Mildura RSL Sub Branch Rules

The Mildura RSL rules include things such as a dress code, signing in, behaviour and etiquette, alcohol consumption, smoking policy, gaming and children. These rules and regulations are to be respected by all members, guests and staff, and will be maintained by the club manager. Written warnings can be issued to offending parties. Membership privileges can be withdrawn if an individual or party are deemed to be out of order.

The Mildura RSL is committed to responsible service of gaming and alcohol.