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Mildura RAAF War Graves

Mildura RAAF War Graves

Mildura RAAF War Graves

Mildura RAAF War Graves

The War Graves
The Mildura War Cemetary is truly a stark reminder to us all how tragic the circumstances of war can be.

In a tranquil setting which is immaculately maintained by the Australian War Graves Commission, are the graves of 57 young men, the youngest being 18 years old, who died serving this country.

The irony is that these young men lost their lives right here in Mildura whilst training to be fighter pilots.

The No.2 Operational Training Unit was established in 1942 and was located 13 kilometres south west of Mildura. It was here that 1,247 trainee pilots graduated and were sent to the south west Pacific to engage in air battle against the Japanese enemy forces.

Kittyhawk, Wirraway, Spitfire and Mustang fighter aircraft were flown by the trainee pilots. Tragically there were many accidents and 52 pilots lost their lives. Five ground staff were also accidently killed.

It is really quite extraordinary that although over 4,000 kilometres from the conflict of war, the country town of Mildura, as it was in 1942-1945, became an integral part of the war effort. In doing so, the area experienced the tragic loss of life that war brings.

No.2 Operational Training Unit
Royal Australian Air Force 1942-1945

Those who lost their lives during World War 2 whilst members of No.2 Operational Training Unit Mildura:

Arnott A.R.A.
Bates A.F.
Bawden D.R.
Blackie R.J.
Bowd K.A.
Byrne R.
Chester K.G.
Crow T.J.R.
Crowe J.G.
Curtis V.F.
Dicken M.P.S.
Ellis F.H.
Frizell H.L.
Gadsden J.G.N.
Hammond N.R.
Havard J.
Hepburn K.E.
Higgins J.C.
Hodges L.W.
Kaye L.P.
King W.J.
Knapman A.S.
Lynch J.R.
MacGowan T.H.
Mackenzie L.G.
Milledge R.W.
Milne R.A.
Moore G.H
Moss A.E.
Murphy N.D.
O’Connell E.J.
O’Keefe B.M.
Overmyer R.H.
Piggott F.D.
Powell N.W.
Power T.P.
Raffen G.F.
Rees F.F.
Ross A.R.
Ruge A.R.
Russell M.J.
Ryan J.M.D.
Saunders A.J.W.
Sayce G.N.
Simpkins W.G.
Spencer R.A.
Stokes D.J.
Taaffe G.E.
Tanser H.T.
Turner W.J.
Vaughan M.T.
Walker M.R.
Welllington L.J.
Wolkenhaar K.G.
Wood T.W.
Young R.S.

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