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Mildura RSL Retirement Village

Mildura RSL Retirement Village

Mildura RSL Retirement Village

Situated in a quiet and peaceful court environment, the Mildura RSL Retirement Village provides quality, safe and independent living for eligible Veterans and Widows.

The Mildura R.S.L. Sub Branch can provide assistance in the relocation of Veterans and Widows from their existing dwelling into the RSL Retirement Village units.

Archibald Community Centre
The Archibald Community Centre is located within the RSL Retirement Village grounds and is an excellent facility for a range of gatherings and social activities.

Make an Enquiry
The Mildura R.S.L. encourages Veterans and Widows who require housing now or in the future to contact the Mildura RSL.
*Special criteria apply regarding assets and income levels.

130 Madden Avenue Mildura Victoria 3500
PO Box 356 Mildura Victoria 3502
Telephone: 03 5023 1888
Facsimile: 03 5023 6624

Mildura RSL Sub Branch Rules

The Mildura RSL rules include things such as a dress code, signing in, behaviour and etiquette, alcohol consumption, smoking policy, gaming and children. These rules and regulations are to be respected by all members, guests and staff, and will be maintained by the club manager. Written warnings can be issued to offending parties. Membership privileges can be withdrawn if an individual or party are deemed to be out of order.

The Mildura RSL is committed to responsible service of gaming and alcohol.