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Regular Events

Regular Events

Regular Events

Regular Events

Try your luck at one of the most favourite games of all-time - BINGO! Huge jackpots to be won with five big sessions a week.
Monday Night 7:45PM
Wednesday Night 7:45PM
Saturday Afternoon 1:30PM
Saturday Night 7:45PM
Sunday Afternoon 2:00PM

Great prizes to be won every week. Be part of the fun and excitement every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Wonderful Wednesday Raffle starts at 1:30PM. There are meat trays to be won and a lucky Members Draw.

Giant Raffle Draw starts at 6:30PM. $500 Members Draw plus trivia. There are lots of meat trays and seafood along with a major prize.

Raffle Draw starts at 6:30PM. Members Draw jackpotting $500 a week if not claimed. Drawn until won when it reaches $5000.

Raffle Draw starts at 6:45PM. Steak trays and legs of lamb to be won. 15 draws in total plus a $500 Members Draw.

Mildura RSL Sub Branch Rules

The Mildura RSL rules include things such as a dress code, signing in, behaviour and etiquette, alcohol consumption, smoking policy, gaming and children. These rules and regulations are to be respected by all members, guests and staff, and will be maintained by the club manager. Written warnings can be issued to offending parties. Membership privileges can be withdrawn if an individual or party are deemed to be out of order.

The Mildura RSL is committed to responsible service of gaming and alcohol.